Creature Double Feature: My Saturday Monster Time

Growing up my Saturday afternoons would be spent with creatures, monsters, ghosts, ghouls, murderers and mad scientists. Beginning around one o'clock I would settle down in front of our 17" Sony Trinatron (complete with simulated wood grain plastic sides) with a soda (typically Frank's grape or ginger ale) and a bowl of buttered macaroni noodles (couldn't [...]

Unfettered Imagination: Blank on Blank with Rod Serling

"The most unfettered imagination belongs to young people, and they don’t walk through life; they fly" - Rod Serling in 1963. Blank on Blank is a series of short animations featuring snippets of conversation and interviews of various celebrities and other assorted famous people which airs on PBS. This particular segment features Rod Serling, creator [...]

Please Stand By, Your Regularly Scheduled Programming Will Begin In A Moment

Sometimes men choose hiatus, other times hiatus is thrust upon them. And sometimes, like what happened here, its a bit of both. I've mentioned a few times on this blog (here for instance) that I find it difficult to write for the blog, write short stories/novel and hold down a full time job. Two of [...]