Temptations & Trespasses

Creative Memoir

The Missing Child

I wake in darkness to find my child gone. The realization comes slowly. Half-awake I reach out a hand to the opposite side of the bed. Grasping, slowly at first then faster, palm flat and

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Welcome to 2015

Happy New Year everyone. May the new year bring you joy and fortune. May you love and be loved by others. Paint your dreams and tell your story. Do not be afraid.

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Digging to China

We walked along the beach, my companion and I, on a cloud-filled morning in late autumn. The air was cold and filled with a misty rain. It was the kind of weather that sticks to

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Half Way Through

In a few days I will become 45 years old. A momentous occasion I have decided. It officially marks my exact middle age. I am officially half way through. See, the men in my family

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