Monday Doodle (Faces [3])

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So the Monday Doodle was meant to be a “thing”, and perhaps it still will be. Hard to tell, really.

What you see here is a sketch in an ongoing series of geometric faces. Aside from being really fun to plan and draw the bigger plan was [is] to create a comic based on this style. You can see is several places where dialogue balloons will be. The style is still shaky but I like the direction its going. As for the content of those dialogue balloons, well that’s going to stay under wraps until the final story is released.  Until then I will try to refine the style and occasionally post the results here.

More to come.

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Paul Matthew Carr
Paul is a writer, artist and designer. He spends an inordinate amount of time on the Internet blogging about silly things and even more time making things up and then attempting to convince people they are proper stories. He also talks into microphones from time to time.

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